Who We Are


Who is Aegis?

We are project managers and owner’s representatives.


Our staff consists of trained professionals with backgrounds in engineering, architecture, design, finance, facilities, construction management, and real estate. These diverse professional backgrounds make our team a valuable asset to our clients, providing expertise in all facets of a project.

Why Aegis?

We are unwavering advocates for our clients.


Our client-focused mindset is so integral to who we are that our company name was chosen to represent this: the word Aegis means protection, backing, or support of a particular purpose or organization and is represented by the shield icon in our logo.

Photo of AEGIS staff members

Advocacy |  Process | Stewardship | Leadership

These four principles guide our firm as a whole, each member of our staff, and every project we work on. We employ personable, professional, knowledgeable, dynamic individuals who carry those principles out in the daily management of projects. We serve as an extension of your staff, working collaboratively with all project stakeholders and team members. We bring our collective knowledge to our clients each and every day and use it to help their vision become a successful reality.