Roman Catholic High School: Howard Center for the Arts

Roman Catholic High School: Howard Center for the Arts


Size: 22,200 s.f.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Architect: Strada

Builder: C. Erickson & Sons

Roman Catholic High School added a high tech space for the school’s Fine and Performing Arts programs. The Howard Center for the Arts includes band rooms, instrument storage space, a computer-aided design lab, a digital photography studio, a piano lab, a small theater and other facilities for art programs, and parking spaces.

This addition is the initial stage of the school’s A Vision of Promise campaign. While previous expansions at Roman have been through additions to the original building at Broad and Vine, the current plan makes use of available land to develop new structures. The Howard Center is a block away.

Aegis has a long relationship with Roman Catholic, having provided project management services for previous renovations as well as real estate advisory services throughout the years.