Lutheran Village at Miller’s Grant

Lutheran Village at Miller’s Grant


Location: Ellicott City, MD

Eventus completed a review of the previously established project scope, costs, and financial structure; and provided a revised project plan that modified the project scope and related project costs, operating revenues, and expenses.

Implementation of the revised project plan began in June 2012 with Phase 1 that included 36 cottages and 215 apartments; a 31,000 sf commons building; and a 30,000 sf healthcare building with 20 assisted living units and 12 skilled nursing units. Project financing was completed in September 2014 and construction completed in March 2016. Phase 2, which added skilled nursing beds, cottages, and an indoor pool, was completed in 2018.

In 2021 Eventus began a third phase that will add complete the build-out envisioned in 2012.

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