Corporation Service Company: Marvel Building

Corporation Service Company: Marvel Building


Size: 84,000 square feet

Location: Wilmington, Delaware

Architect: NORR

Builder: Nason Construction, Inc.

Corporation Service Company (Owner/Tenant) purchased an existing office space to provide additional workspace for their company’s growing needs.

The project is being constructed in three phases, with the first two phases complete. The first phase of construction was to renovate the 2nd floor (28,000 s.f.) of the building. The second phase was the renovation of the 1st floor (28,000 s.f.), which includes additional workspace along with an updated café.

The 3rd floor renovation (28,000 s.f.) was completed for budgetary purposes but has no schedule planned for construction.

The new building will express a modern image of an innovative global company. It will include a highly flexible and open workspace area with integrated collaboration areas.

Other team members include NORR and Nason Construction, Inc.