Beaux Arts Lofts Condominiums: Roof and Terrace Replacement

Beaux Arts Lofts Condominiums: Roof and Terrace Replacement


Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Architect: JBCI (Roof Replacement), M Architects (Terrace Replacement)

Builder: Aetna Roofing (Roof Replacement), WS Cumby (Terrace Replacement)

Beaux Arts Lofts is a 55-unit condo building at 13th & Callowhill Streets in Philadelphia. The Roof Replacement project involved 11,000 SF of existing roof to be removed and replaced, including over and around existing sawtooth skylights and 50+ mechanical units. An existing 24′ tall cast-in-place concrete water tower platform was removed by jackhammering. Aegis’s facilitation of the work in an occupied building within a set timeline and budget and required management of communication between the Board of Directors, contractors, and residents, as well as the full range of project management oversight of the work. Joseph B. Callaghan Inc. is the engineer on the Roof Replacement project, which was completed in November 2021.

Beaux Arts Lofts also needed to remove  its existing 1,000 SF rooftop terrace, which was replaced and enhanced with all new decking, lighting, and furniture. Additionally, two new 9′ tall louvered shade structures were built. The Terrace Replacement project involved Aegis’s help with architect selection, design oversight, permitting assistance, contractor selection, and budget and schedule management. M Architects is the architect on the Terrace Replacement project, which was completed in June 2022.

Photos by Ray Cavicchio Photography